Trademark Information

The Network SouthEast brand-logo-design has been registered by the Network SouthEast Railway Society.

The Society trademarked the name and all designs and liveries with the sole aim of preserving the integrity of the original concept when launched to the world by Chris Green in June 1986. Registration UK00003110943.

The Society is happy to offer support and advice to anyone interested in learning more about all aspects of the Network SouthEast period.

They are not trying to stop the use of the name and logo by the trade and preservation movement or raise money, on the contrary the Society wish to encourage its use – all they ask is that permission is obtained in advance. Brand manager John Shepherd is keen to talk to all interested parties. 

​For contact details and further information please email John Shepherd at

Now over 30 years since the launch of NSE, the groundbreaking concept created by British Rail.